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Consultation Services for Mental Health Professionals

Why seek professional consultation?

No matter how much experience you have as a mental health professional, there will always be scenarios where you need another professional to answer questions, go through a case conceptualization, hear your concerns, or think through the next steps. 

Professional peer consultation offers the flexibility to connect with another trained helper on a recurring schedule or as-needed basis.

What happens during consultation?

During consultation I will hear your concerns and help you think through your options. I may ask questions to guide you through these options or provide answers to questions you may have.

I may have literature to offer, samples of documentation forms, or a variety of other resources. Just like we always heard in our graduate studies..."It depends!" I will customize our meetings to fit your specific needs as a counselor.

There is usually more than one way to think through a tough case or set of problems and we'll figure that out together!

In what areas do you provide consultation?

Most questions and concerns from those working as generalist counselors will benefit from professional peer consultation. However, these are a few areas where I have extensive training or professional experience that may be helpful in your situations:

  • Professional development

  • Preventing burnout

  • Self-care realities as a healer

  • Clinical documentation

  • Session structure & effective workdays

I can also help in preparing and presenting your material for the classroom, conferences, and other public speaking engagements.

With over 50 presentations (and counting) in a variety of settings, occupations, and foci, I have a wealth of knowledge, tips, and information on how to capture your audiences attention so you can provide the best presentation you can!

I have presented in a variety of settings and on several topics such as:

  • Regional, State, and National peer reviewed conferences

  • Graduate student courses including master's level & doctoral level

  • Public service trainings

  • Fidelity model based trainings

  • YouTube, TedX, Instagram Live and other social media streaming platforms

  • Faculty trainings in higher education

  • College campus trainings for students and staff

  • Suicide intervention and intervention trainings

Do you need an update? I know I sure did!

When I returned to school to enter into a doctorate program in 2019 after completing the master's program in 2012, I realized that so much had changed in the field of counseling! Even though my continuing education was current and I'd downloaded and read through the 2015 ACA Code of Ethics, I was definitely behind the curve from the newer graduates.

I was not up to date on the recent research trends and definitely not up to speed with the Multicultural & Social Justice Counseling Competencies. I can help you wade through the years of publications and education to get you up to speed in a variety of professional development areas.


Please let me know how I can help you!

Request consultation by completing a request form

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