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Social Media Presence

The intention of my social media presence is a purposeful way to offer connection through various platforms with the same goals:

to teach, support, and impact the counseling profession. 

The three main factors for me to start a social media presence are to alleviate my public speaking fears on camera, to reframe what I know into smaller, manageable, and teachable moments, and most importantly for me, is to advocate for counselors and counselors in training to remember themselves in their journey to help others. 


This is ME


I strive to be transparent when it is appropriate and helpful.

My social media channels are no exception. 

When working with clients, students, and peers, it can only help the relationship to be your true genuine self. The very foundation of relationships begins with rapport and connection. Not everyone can please everyone, nor should we have to. I encourage my students and clients to reach out and find people who you can work well with and personality is part of that. I am okay with not being everyone's favorite or first choice, so why pretend to be someone I'm not? My platforms, I hope, showcase my personality, my strengths, and my knowledge. But most of all, I hope they help someone on their own journey to strengthening their wellness from the inside out or the outside in. 

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