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I am a doctoral candidate in a counseling and educational psychology program. I'm working on my research as I prepare my dissertation and I'm leaning into my skills presenting and teaching.

The work is challenging because it's supposed to be, it's also because I never imagined myself in this position. There are very few Hispanic/Latino counselor educators in this country and even though I am one person, I hope to add to those numbers. Representation is important in the classroom and also in sessions for clients and associates.  My research, my social media, my practice, and my teaching are intentionally focused on making the field a better place for everyone, and especially people like me.



Hello Y'all!

​I am a Latina, a first generation college graduate, and a woman of color who has experienced racism & sexism, and microaggressions targeted against me while I have simultaneously benefited from and perpetuated the white, eurocentric, racist, and colonized views of wellness, wholeness, education, and counseling. 

I am learning to be actively anti-racist and to be an advocate for equity & inclusion while navigating and understanding my own earned and unearned privileges. I will never be done learning, growing, and making mistakes.

My commitment to my clients, my students, my peers, and my Associates is to always grow, always be okay with not being the expert in a life that is not mine, and to always approach strength through the lens of the inherent wellness we have within us which have been denied to us for generations. I commit to this by being open to talking about culture, race, experiences, discrimination, and the hard topics that influence marginalized lives with compassion and humility.

I am writing to you from the geographic area colonized as south Texas, which was stolen from the Lipan Apache, Karankawa, and others whose tribal and nations' names have been erased by colonizers, war, and disease.

As a counselor, I acknowledge the disruption of Indigenous relationships to land and water and I also accept the truth that Indigenous people continue to suffer under the effects of oppression while we all, and myself also, benefit from the power and privilege of the oppressor.

As an educator, I am committed to being critical of, and disrupting the systems and structures that maintain the current inequities.

My intention is to Teach, Support, & Impact the counseling field.


Clients need counselors who understand the impact of real-world stressors and counselor in training need educators who can teach how to assess for those impacts.

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