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Welcome to Strengthening Wellness

I'm Latina, a first generation college student, a doctoral candidate in counselor education, and a proud mother. I am also an advocate for mental health, equity in care, destigmatizing help seeking, and dismantling & rebuilding the field of counseling.

Strengthening Wellness is the three-fold practice I envisioned where I can teach growing professionals, impact communities, and support the field of counseling. We have not been as inclusive or multiculturally "congruent" as we thought we were. We still follow & teach the foundations & tenants of counseling created and centered around whiteness. There are amazing clinicians & educators doing the hard work of decolonizing counseling & broadening the definition of wellness and they are facing an entire system that needs to be redone. My goal in supervision, teaching, & impacting the field of counseling is to continue advocating for these vital changes, one session, one lecture, and one opportunity at a time. 


Ana M. Salazar, MS, LPC-S (she/her/hers) Licensed Professional Counselor 

Texas State Board Approved Supervisor

LPC Associate Supervision

I provide board approved supervision for LPC Associates in the state of Texas.

My goal is to offer associates a culturally-attuned and supportive supervision experience in their journey towards their personal & professional goals.

Consultation Services

I offer professional peer consultations for counselors & other mental health professionals for case conceptualization, caseload management, cultural humility, & educational updates.

*Currently only available virtually*

Training & Workshops

I have a number of areas of expertise where I can work with you and your team to provide a training, lectures, or workshops to meet your group's needs.  

*Currently only available virtually*

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